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    Hi all, I’m Rick and I have written most of the course. I’ll check these notice boards regularly, and they should be your first point of help – but if needed, you can contact me on

    Mahatub khan Badhon

    Hello. I’m Badhon. I’ve signed up for this course, and I am looking forward to learning from it as much as possible. You may contact me here:

    Thuy Duong Khuu

    Hi, I’m Duong, a final year PhD student at UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources. I’m working on governance of MPAs with a focus on coral reefs. As I adopts a purely qualitative method, this course will be much beneficial for me to learn a new approach.
    Hope to share knowledge and experience with you all!

    Laura Kravac

    Hi everyone – my name is Laura and I’ve finally found some time to crack into the course. Really interesting content so far! I come from a marine conservation background and currently help run a UK-based non profit. Very interested in expanding my knowledge of MPA management and analysis.

    Holly Niner

    Hi I’m Holly, also studying a (largely qualitative) PhD at UCL, although based in Australia at the moment. I have previously worked for Natural England and JNCC on the provision of advice on the environmental impacts of industry and MSP, so really aware of the need to mix qualitative/quantitative approaches. Looking forward to working through the course.

    Katie Clark

    Hi, I’m Katie. I work for Natural England and am enjoying learning more about evaluating and combining many evidence sources and using the Bayesian belief model.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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